Two Forces Acting In The World

546.02Question: When neuroscientists and psychologists speak about the phenomena that arise in a person who has an extended retention of power, they distinguish the following signs: narcissism, excessive attention to one’s own image, identification of one’s interests as the interests of the state, a sense of divine omnipotence, lack of control over the court, unwillingness to listen to advice, and the loss of perception of reality. All this leads to incompetence and a lack of the sense of one’s situation.

What is the internal mechanism of this phenomenon?

Answer: We live in a world in which, in principle, there are two forces: the force of attraction and the force of repulsion. They are both on the physical level and on the moral level.

That is, we perceptually attract and repel each other. In these states, we seem to draw closer both in the physical world and in the spiritual in more internal sensations between us.

Naturally, there is a thirst in us to feel the other in all possible directions, at our level, below us, above us, closer to us, and further from us.

The only question is how a person is brought up, how he begins to understand his nature, and how he feels he can manage it to achieve certain goals in life. Therefore, what we have is still not enough.

It is important how we will act in order to realize our possibilities and to move away from or approach sources that are desirable or undesirable for us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/22/22

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