To Develop One’s Soul

281.01Kabbalah says that a person should develop his soul. What else do we exist for? We understand what an animal body is and what its life on this earth is. But the main thing for us is the development of the soul.

It is said that the soul is a part of the Creator, meaning, a part of a certain absolute in a person. The Creator is the quality of bestowal and love.

It would seem, on the contrary, that if the soul is a part of the Creator in us, then, as a part of Him, it should not be subject to correction. But first of all, it is necessary to create it in ourselves, to want it to be formed, and to wish to be a part of the Creator so that this quality is born in us.

When Kabbalah says, “a person is a part of the Creator,” it speaks from the Creator’s side. And it takes a huge effort on the part of a person to make this happen to himself.
From KabTV’s “Close- Up, Beyond the Last Line” 5/3/10

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