Kabbalah Is A Tool For Achieving Happiness

214The method of Kabbalah came to us from the distant past, from Ancient Babylon, when we were all there in the same situation as today. But their global crisis was small because there were only several thousand people on Earth. They also discovered a connection and at the same time mutual hatred among them. And they also did not know what to do. That is when Kabbalah appeared.

Question: Why could it not be fixed in those days?

Answer: Because their egoism was not sufficiently developed. In addition, they had someplace to move to get away from each other, and, like insects, they scattered all over the earth. Today there is nowhere to go.

Comment: But today, there are many who are also trying to find a way out and say that we will fly to another planet, to Mars, or somewhere else so as to not unite with each other.

My Response: It will not bring anything. We need to get settled here. The other planets are not for us. It is a fantasy to say, “Apple trees will bloom on Mars,” and although that is good, no one needs it. God willing, they will still bloom on Earth.

Question: Why does Kabbalah only speak about the purpose of creation and about the program of creation?

Answer: What else can a person talk about? Only about the next day and what he should achieve. Simply give him the tool to achieve happiness. Here is your state, here is your tool, and here is your goal. Look how beautiful it is! Go ahead!

Question: But why doesn’t any other method take a person to an upper level?

Answer: Kabbalah connects us with the upper force that created us, governs us, and can correct and pull us to itself. Other methods do not have this power.

Moreover, Kabbalah is a science. It has nothing to do with beliefs, religion, or anything else. It simply gives a person the opportunity, strength, and knowledge to raise oneself to the level of the Creator. It is real.

The science of Kabbalah describes in physical and mathematical terms and progressive actions how a person must constantly change himself. It gives him a connection with the source of life from where the upper light that governs us descends to us and which we must attract more strongly to ourselves so that it corrects us. It revitalizes us, gives us a purpose for existence, and waits for us to start applying it for correction.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Partnership Agreement” 4/7/10

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