Why Have There Been Fewer Armed Conflicts

273.02Question: You say that real victory is the correction of the egoistic heart. Any other victory, in principle, causes even greater conflicts and wars. Why?

Answer: Because with this you don’t do anything. You do not conquer evil. On the contrary, maybe you increase it even more.

Question: Over the past 70 years there have been fewer armed conflicts and fewer casualties. What do you think is the reason?

Answer: People are afraid of armed conflicts and they don’t want them. They have the opportunity to live well. If in the past only 1% of society could afford a more or less good life, now it is already 10 – 20%, and they do not allow any conflicts to develop so easily. After all, the calculation begins at either I start a war or perhaps, calmly live well, especially for the sake of children.

Question: Do you think that this is the main reason for the decrease in conflicts?

Answer: Of course it is and it is an absolutely selfish reason. But there will still be no peace. Nature itself, the Creator, will not let us live in peace.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/1/22

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