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226Question: Why do you only accept Kabbalah as the knowledge of the universe? The universe is one, the Creator is one. Why are you so categorical?

Answer: The more you study Kabbalah, the more you see that it includes all other methods. Nature does not reject them, but simply explains how humanity passes them at different levels of its development.

All of them take place until a person comes to a state where he can absorb a universal picture of the universe, the world, humanity, its development above his egoism, and then he comes to Kabbalah.

Therefore, Kabbalah was hidden until our time and only now is it gradually developing so that as a result of searching humanity goes through many different stages of development under the influence of other private methods that are studied within egoism, and not by rising above it, it comes to the conclusion that within egoism itself there is nothing to look for—just to get out of it, to rise above it.

By having gone through all these stages and studied them, I personally see the roots of all possible methods and theories, and therefore I teach only Kabbalah. I insist that it is nature that is the universal system for changing a person in this world and raising him or her to the highest level.

There are two forces in nature: reception and bestowal. Kabbalah aims to ensure that a person, working with egoism, can rise above the power of receiving and master the next level of nature—the power of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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