Educating People to Be People

294.2Today, many people have no work, they have nothing to do. What they should be occupied with is a new ideology, a new form of consciousness.

It is necessary to educate people to be people, that is, to unite into one single good humanity, thereby attracting an internal good force, which is the basis of the world and exists in the entire universe and holds it on itself. We should reveal this, reveal the Creator, inside our connection.

When our connection really becomes ideologically correct, equal, and homogeneous with the goal not to harm anyone but only for the sake of good for everybody, then the upper force, the Creator, will be revealed in it.

We need to teach people this, to say that the revelation of this force is our next stage of development, and we have already reached this point because humanity has been moving toward this for hundreds of thousands of years. But who is doing it?

I do not blame anyone. It is still hard for us as well. We are caught between this and that state. Therefore, we need to realize ourselves as quickly as possible.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. World Unemployment” 9/15/11

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