Contentment Is Worse Than Death

 202Question: A viewer asks, “Humanity has come up with all kinds of holidays, but there is no holiday named “The Meaning of Human Life Day.” Why? Does it mean no one needs to find out what the meaning of life is?

Answer: “The Meaning of Life Day” would be a day of mourning, not a holiday. And what is the meaning of life?

One suddenly realizes that there is no sense in life, we live in vain. Life is passing us by every single day. Maybe it would be for the best if it didn’t begin at all.

A holiday, in general, is not for fun. A holiday is to commemorate. So holidays can be tainted with generally sad messages such as “the meaning of life.”

Comment: It would be great if people started searching for the meaning of life.

My Response: Well, people have been looking for it for thousands of years. So what?

Question: Why can’t they find it?

Answer: Because there is no meaning in life.

Question: What does a person live for?

Answer: To ask this question in every generation and not to find an answer.

Question: Is it important to ask this question?

Answer: This question arises from within a person, whether you want it to or not.

Comment: It seems like it’s better not to ask this question, but rather simply live our life without asking it. It’s easier that way.

My Response: Then we remain at the animal level. Humans keep evolving and that’s why we question ourselves about the meaning of life in each new generation more and more.

Question: That is, we can’t help but keep asking this question?

Answer: No, we won’t. The mere fact that we keep questioning ourselves will bring us to the point someday that we will begin to reveal it. I hope it will be very soon.

Question: What is the meaning of human life? Why am I born into this world? To be born, live some 70 to 80 years and then die? For what?

Answer: You live to search. Each person is searching subconsciously. Anyone, a bricklayer, locksmith, artisan, academician, street cleaner… no matter who or how! A drunkard… it doesn’t matter. All of them are engaged in the search for the meaning of life. And they do not even know what motivates them to engage in the search for the meaning of life. Every person, everyone does it.

Comment: Many people say: “I lived my life so well! I achieved a lot.” They seem so reassured as if they had never searched for the meaning of life.

My Response: They simply convince themselves.

Question: But they still have this question inside, don’t they?

Answer: Otherwise, they would not be alive. Every second of our life starts with the fact that a person asks the question: “What am I living for?”

Question: Otherwise, he would not live. He does not realize it and therefore lives through this given second, and again asks himself the same question: “What am I living for?” Over and over again, we go on this way with our lives, but we still lack an answer. Nonetheless, all the same, we enter the quest all over again: “What am I living for?” Thus, we live through the next second, etc. This is how it goes throughout our entire lives. Is this what we call the flow of life?

Answer: Yes. A continuous question about the meaning of life and a constant search for an answer that people do not ever reveal.

Question: What if I never ask myself this question? Are you saying, in fact, that there is no such thing?

Answer: No, it’s not up to you! That is, this question generally precedes our physiological perception. It is the most important and fundamental question of all. It is a spiritual quest: “What do I live for?” After one asks it, our body, all our organs begin to revive, blossom, and develop. As a result of living millions of diverse lives, we conclude that we will indeed find the meaning of life.

Question: What is it?

Answer: To feel the Creator, the source of all life. And we will discover It. However, so far we have continued looking for it. Yet we are already approaching a state where we will begin searching for it in a conscious way.

That is, we can already better imagine what the source of life is, what the Creator is. How, on what basis, with what qualities, and what intentions, can I approach Him, grab hold of Him, draw near Him, and cling to Him like a baby to its mother?

Question: Is this the meaning of life?

Answer: No, it is not. It is simply a tool to connect with the meaning of life. And then when we reach this stage, from there we will be looking for who He is, the Creator, the meaning of life. What does He want from us, what do we expect from Him, why is the entire meaning of life only to be drawn to Him and adhere to Him? And only then from Him will we begin to absorb what the meaning of life is.

Comment: You are telling us that there is no contentment, only a constant search.

My Response: Why do you need contentment? It’s worse than death. It is the denial of existence, it is non-existence, nothingness!

Question: Is there no such thing as retirement in this matter? Is there no pause? Will our search constantly go on? Is there no such thing as a pause?

Answer: Not at all! God forbid!

Question: Is this the pathway to eternity?

Answer: Eternity means to be in constant closeness with Him, holding on to Him, clinging to Him and adhering to Him more and more without end.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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