The Zohar Is for those Striving for the Light

65The Book of Zohar was written for people who want to reach the purpose of creation and strive for the reflected light to the purpose of creation, to the source.

After all, without the light it is impossible to correct our desires and reveal the Creator in them.

Therefore, The Book of Zohar, like the entire Torah, can be either the elixir of life or the potion of death.

A person should check with what intention he begins to study The Book of Zohar and the Torah in general.

If he wants to reach the light that returns to the source with the help of study, the Torah becomes for him the elixir of life, as it is said: “I created the evil inclination and I gave the Torah for its correction because the Light in it returns to the source”

If a person does not strive to be in bestowal, that is, to return to the source, but studies The Zohar driven by his will to enjoy, to be filled, and sets other goals for himself, which is called idolatry, then his study turns into the potion of death and distances a person from the purpose of creation.

Therefore, we must be careful and remember that during all our studies and especially the reading of The Zohar, we prepare our desires so that the Creator will give them the force to bestow and then be revealed in these forces of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/10, The Book of Zohar “VaIkra”

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