The Time Will Come…

281.02Question: In our world, we produce some products, for example, phones or appliances, and everyone use them. Why do we not have the same attitude to Kabbalah that it is the “production” of some kind of force and we are using it? Will there be any inclination toward Kabbalah?

Answer: There will undoubtedly be an inclination but only when everyone understands that Kabbalah is talking about earthly, normal things, and not about mysticism. It also took me a long time until I was able to adapt everything to simple, earthly things.

But people always want to go to a different area and “swim” there since it is very difficult to apply Kabbalistic principles on earth because you have to work on yourself. It is better to “fly away” somewhere to the field of fortune-telling, predictions, and so on.

The time will come when Kabbalah will rebuild its language. This will be integral education. Thus, we will offer this system to the world, and it will accept it and become better and safer. Otherwise, it will not get out of the crisis. This is why we have to work on this.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Conduits of Spiritual Information” 5/18/13

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