You Get What You Ask For

243.07Elokim [God] in the Bible. “In the beginning God created” is the Bina that emanates to the Nukva de ZA. He elicited thirteen words: THE, HEAVEN, AND-THE, EARTH, AND-THE EARTH, WAS, EMPTY, AND-CHAOTIC, AND-THE-DARKNESS, OVER, THE-FACE, OF-THE-ABYSS, AND-THE-SPIRIT…

These thirteen words imply to the same thirteen petals of the rose among the thorns, the sea that stands over the twelve oxen, which are preparation and qualification for the Assembly of Israel to receive the thirteen qualities of Rachamim (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Zohar for All, Vol. 1, “The Rose“, Item 1).

There are upper systems that filter and restrict the light so the lower ones can receive it. Similarly, Malchut tries to ensure that only the lights that can be received for the benefit of the lower descend from the first nine Sefirot above it.

How does Malchut know exactly what it can receive for the benefit of the lower? Everything is determined by the need of the lower, the desire they raise to it. Therefore, according to the awakening from below (Itaruta de Letata), that is, a prayer (MAN) on our part, an answer (MAD) comes to us from above.

Therefore, a person cannot complain that he does not receive. If he doesn’t ask, he doesn’t receive. If he asks, he will receive. But the request must be such that it raises the right desire, a spiritual vesselKli. Then there will be no problems and of course, you will get light into it. The request itself, in essence, is a vessel. If it is correct, the light comes.

The right request means that you feel a genuine need, a desire, for something. In essence, you always get what you ask for. So if you say the Creator causes you suffering, you asked for it. And if you claim He brings you goodness, you asked for it. You always receive according to your request.

If so, how can it be that we are asking for something bad?! Yes, we are asking for bad things. If I want to receive fulfillment in my desire to enjoy, then receive it I shall! And why do I feel bad? This already depends on the whole system. But effectively, you got what you asked for.

We do not understand how unimpeachably the Good That Does Good works; “Please, receive!” is how parents raise their children: “Do you want this? Go ahead!” And then what? “Oh, no!” “But this is what you wanted.”

This is how the Creator acts toward us also.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/11, The Book of Zohar — Introduction, “The Rose”

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