Nothing Will Help But Prayer

243.04Baal HaSulam, Letter No. 57: Everything, small or great, meaning everything we have, everything we can attain in spirituality, is obtained only by the power of prayer. All the labor and work to which we are obliged are only to discover our lack of strength and our lowliness—that we are unfit for anything by our own strength—for then we (we are convinced about it) can pour out a wholehearted prayer before Him.

By revealing that we do not have the strength and intention, that we cannot do anything, do not know anything, do not understand, and do not remember that we are just little egoists—that is all true, but it must be perceived correctly.

Despite the absence of a real desire in everyone, we gradually begin to connect and feel that nothing can help us except a cry. Like babies, what do they have? —crying. This is the only thing that saves them, and thanks to this they survive and grow. And, on the other hand, they have a mother who thinks about them all the time.

It is the same with us. We must shout and demand for the Creator to take care of us. The more we make efforts, the more we will feel like insignificant losers. And this is only in order to achieve perfect prayer.

And the Creator is constantly occupied with us until we realize and feel His work on us, His care for us.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Asking the Creator to Fill the Place Between Us” Lesson 7

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