The Point Where Life Begins

238.01Behold that before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created, The Upper Simple Light had filled the whole existence. (The Ari, “The Tree of Life”)

When a person opens a Kabbalistic book for the first time, it pierces his heart.

Finally he finds the answer to all his long searches, the silent cries of a torn heart asking: “Why do I live?” It seems that everything is there, but the main thing is missing: the meaning in life for the sake of which it would be worth living.

Therefore, to find the science of Kabbalah means to find life. And it may turn out later that it takes years, maybe a whole lifetime, for the actual revelation of this life, until a person finds a path, a connection with a higher power, and reveals the Creator. But the most important thing is that he already knows what it is! This life has meaning for him.

Therefore, when I found the science of Kabbalah, I began to write books about it and to talk about it wherever possible to anyone who wanted to hear about it. This continues to this day and it will continue for the rest of my life. Today I have many thousands of students.

What is the point in the heart that makes you cry when you hear the story of man’s first encounter with the spiritual? This story touches the deepest inner desire in a man.

On the one hand he rejoices that he has found a real purpose in life so as not to live like an animal that always only cares about its existence. He finds his guiding light and discovers that this world has a higher source, the Creator who created everything, and that the purpose of this life is to reveal the Creator.

The purpose of creation is for all people to unite, to come out of their egoism and reveal the highest power, the Creator, and thereby please Him.

The point in the heart is really only the point from which the word begins, like the first touch of the pen to the paper. And then there will be a continuation in everything that we want to write or comprehend. But all this begins with a single initial point, which has no width, no depth, no volume; it is only the beginning.

Our heart is a huge desire that includes all of reality. Everything that we can comprehend, understand, and reveal is inside our heart.

The heart is not a material concept; it is not a muscle that is constantly contracting and supplying the body with blood. Through the heart and the point in the heart, we begin to know the true reality.

The heart in the science of Kabbalah is called all the desires of a person of any strength and form from zero to one hundred percent. Everything good and everything bad that is in a person is inside his heart.

And among all desires, there is one that is called a point in the heart. This point is connected with something very high called the Creator. It is He who created the heart through which man perceives all reality. But through a point in the heart, a person can achieve a feeling and connection with his Creator.

This is why it is so important for us to open a point in the heart, and through it open the whole heart created by the Creator. Then we will be able to understand and comprehend why the Creator created all this. On this path we come to know and comprehend the Creator, reveal His plan and how we ourselves can take an active part in it.
From KabTV’s “Basic concepts in the science of Kabbalah” 2/6/22

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