The Fish Is Looking for Where It’s Deeper


Accountability is coming for those who liquidate our future.

Last week, I announced five actions to speed up the shift to renewable energy.

As graduates, you hold the cards.

Your talent is in demand from multinational companies and big financial institutions.

You will have plenty of opportunities to choose from.

My message to you is simple:

Don’t work for climate-wreckers.

Use your talents to drive us towards a renewable future.
Throughout history, humanity has shown that we are capable of great things.

But only when we work together.

Only when we overcome differences and work in the same direction, with the same aim — to lift all people up, not only those born to wealth and advantage.

Only when we look to all people as fellow global citizens — with goodwill, tolerance and respect.

So to all graduates, I urge you —

Be useful. Be mindful. Be kind. Be bold (UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Commencement Address Seton Hall 2022).

Question: At the same time, it is clear that he was not just addressing students. Every 30 hours, a billionaire appears in the world. You need to have enough time to go earn your billion.

What should one do to prevent students from joining these companies?

Answer: Nothing will help. Wherever there is money is where everyone goes. There is nothing we can do about it.

Question: What should be introduced in universities then, what kind of teaching?

Answer: Nothing. Everyone tries to get into IT and other such faculties that lead them to good earnings. It doesn’t matter what I make my money from. If I earn a million dollars a month for producing some kind of machine, and I can produce a bomb for 10 million dollars a month, then I will produce a bomb. The calculation is very simple: wherever they pay me more.

Question: And this is a stalemate. But how can a person make a correct calculation?

Answer: You can’t do it in any way; this is the correction of a person! And this should be dealt with by the UN in the first place! But not in such a way that he says: “Guys, don’t go where they give you a lot of money. Go to a place where they will give you a little money, but you will respect yourself.” Who will respect you?!

Question: You say that the UN is not engaged in correction. And what kind of mindset does a corrected person have?

Answer: He’ll be ashamed. He will be reproached for choosing a company that develops, say, poisons. He will be embarrassed to talk about it.

And today there is no such thing in the world. A person works in some secret laboratory, develops poisons or something else, and is proud of it, if it is not secret.

Comment: Because the first question is: “How much do you earn?” He says: “It’s decent.” Everyone says: “Well settled.” And then they don’t ask what you make good money on.

My Response: Yes. And if he says on what, they will respect him even more.

Question: You mean that shame should come first in a corrected person?

Answer: The censure of society, the approval of society, this should be the main thing. And society in our eyes is educated in a way that it respects only money and power.

Question: It turns out that we need to rearrange society?

Answer: Of course.

Question: So are you saying that it is necessary to educate precisely society so that it will look at a person, at his good deeds?

Answer: And a person will be ashamed. A person depends on society. He exists in it; it affects him.

Question: Is it necessary to educate the whole planet so that it wants to be in good business?

Answer: Yes, it is only possible on a global scale. After all, we are talking about people who are engaged in programming and so forth.

Soon there will be programmers who will be able to run a person on absolutely anything. People will not know whether it’s good or bad, where they are going or what they are doing. All this will be programmed.

Question: You say that a corrected person will be ashamed of how society treats him and will not go to such a job. What will change in him, in the corrected person?

Answer: Values, the significance of a particular quality in a person.

Question: Before that it was money?

Answer: That’s if for the word “money” we will start asking: “And for what? What kind of money do you get? From whom do you get it? What are they paying you for?” Then the person will start thinking about what to do. At least this way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/26/22

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