When Money Becomes A Goal In Itself

284Question: Why is our world built around money? The goal of life , in fact, is to achieve profit.

Answer: No, it was not always like that. In addition to wealth, there is also power, fame, and knowledge.

The world has existed not only for the sake of money. Money is just a tool. Nowadays it has its own value, but in the past people used to live according to the principle of “goods — money —goods.” The most important thing is a commodity of exchange, and money is a means of communication, an equivalent.

For example, if I need shoes and you need a suit, how can we exchange? How much do the shoes cost and how much does the suit cost? How do we know how to make such a barter?

Therefore, everything is tied to the monetary equivalent. Suppose I can get this suit for two pairs of shoes, maybe for two and a half, and maybe for five pairs. That is, the product is the main thing! You want my product, I want your product, and the money is in the middle. It plays the role of an equivalent when we build an equation. Your product is equal to a certain amount of my product. So, money was not the main thing, not always.

Or, suppose I am interested in becoming a governor, a leader. How much does it cost? So I pay for it. I know that a certain position is worth a certain amount of money. Money was a means to achieve a goal.

And now this principle has turned into “money — goods — money” when the main thing is money. You invest it in order to get a bigger profit. What for? To get an even bigger profit. That is, money itself has become power, a goal in itself, our master. This is what has been happening in the last 60 to 70 years. And this is completely wrong.

But this is the final form. Karl Marx wrote about this. There is nothing you can do about it, it is all dialectics.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Dollars, Gold or Diamonds?” 4/21/14

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