Disconnected from Reality

294.2Question: Is our body a shell that allows us to be outside the spiritual state?

Answer: The physiological body, that is, the slice of egoism felt by a person, the lowest, thinnest, most primitive one, allows us to feel ourselves and the environment around us in this egoism and imagine it as our world.

Everything else that actually exists is outside of this slice. But we are still able to live in it as in oblivion, as in a dream. Basically, we are in a non-existent state. As if we got hit on the head and are disconnected from reality.

Question: If you remove this shell of feeling yourself as physically existing, is it already a transition to the next stage?

Answer: Partly. After all, you can’t just remove this barrier. What desire will you exist in? In the quality of bestowal?

Comment: When a person, for example, commits suicide, he seems to hope that he will remove this shell.

My Response: Nonsense, this person does not solve anything. He did not correct himself nor enter a sense of true existence. This has nothing to do with the method of revealing the true reality.

It simply benefits the ego to stop suffering. How many people do this, how many are willing to do it? What about drugs and alcoholism? This too is a kind of death, when one disconnects from reality and temporarily enters a different state.

These, however, are questions that require seeing the whole system and understanding what is happening to us; a person has completed what he had to, now he must somehow transition to another state, be reborn, and discern new Reshimot (spiritual information data).

Question: Why is suicide considered the worst sin in all religions?

Answer: It is as if you are running away from your responsibilities.

In this world, we have a clear task—to reach the image of the upper world, that is, in full unification, to correct the breakage of the common Kli, vessel.

Through all the millennia we have been moving toward this as primitive beings. We were led by inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. But in our time, we have reached the level of a human solution to this problem; we are in a state when this needs a conscious solution. And we must solve it.

How can you commit suicide when you have to solve the problem of consciously connecting to all people on Earth, fully helping them, joining them as one whole, forming an integral analog system of complete interconnection with them and revealing the upper force of bestowal, love, and interaction in this system? This is where you begin to live and no longer perceive the previous system of forces called our world, you existed in before.

It is all before you. Today, it is all revealed and ready to be implemented.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Impact of Kabbalah on a Person” 6/11/14

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