What Gives Us the Possibility to Live

549.02Question: Why did the Creator make such a gap between Himself and the creation and cause the creation to feel so distant?

Answer: The Creator did to us what we do with our children. We let them first move forward by helping them from behind and we want them to continue walking. This is all reflected in our nature.

The Creator did this out of absolute love. Despite our inclination to be engaged only in using and eating one another in our egoistic world, the force of mutuality, participation, empathy, and love at the various levels of nature suddenly appears. This is why the possibility of life exists here.

The egoistic force alone would not be able to exist independently. When it has the egoism of two kinds, then the possibility of existence at the minimal level comes. With this approach you can do some kind of approximations, imagining what it would be like if I selflessly loved or wished something for another. In other words, there is a place here for the expression of moral conceptions for imagination. Although it is also egoistic, it still exists.

Some interesting combinations between the egoism and the property of bestowal occurred as a result of the shattering of desires in the upper world and their descent down to our world. Everyone wants only to receive, but still a small property of bestowal appears in them. This property is under a person’s control and one feels a special egoistic pleasure in it.

For example, when people give to each other, they enjoy it. Love between them is an egoistic pleasure, but with it a person gives something to the other one and thus fulfills himself with receiving pleasure. Ultimately, it is the same egoism, but egoism already mediated through movement away from oneself.

This is a very interesting system on its own. Scientists have not researched it in a deep way. They cannot figure it out yet, and I think in general they will not have time and will not be able to get to it. After all, we will begin to reveal the upper world and through it we will begin to know our world rather than from our poking on Earth. This is a very intense and unneeded process. Only through the upper world is it possible to get to know the lower one. This is how it is done— fast, specific, and in a complete way.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Does the Creator Wants” 11/3/09

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