What Will Replace Money?

547.05Comment: They write to you: “How can we change our attitude toward each other if the whole world is squeezing one another for money? Perhaps money, the cause of all selfishness, should be eliminated?”

My Response: No! in no way! Money is the universal equivalence for our efforts. Not just our efforts but our personal exertions that show how much we have succeeded in using the special talents given to us from above.

Suppose you are smarter than me, you are more successful and I succeed less, or you are even stronger and luckier in something. Something happened to someone by chance. It can also be measured by money. Therefore, having a universal equivalent is essential. It is necessary to measure our efforts.

Question: As it is written in this letter usually those who have a lot of money earned their wealth dishonestly. Is it still possible to derive this equivalent?

Answer: Impossible! Money is Kesef in Hebrew, from the word “Kisuf—covering.” When you cover your efforts correctly, the measure of covering your efforts is called Kesef. Here we imply spiritual efforts and spiritual results.

Question: So, money cannot be withdrawn from the world because then there would be no equivalent?

Answer: Only if we want to replace it with the next equivalent, what can money be exchanged for, for relationships.

It is when we understand our relationships between one another and share them among each other and the Creator. When the Creator becomes our common equivalent, then all other dimensions will disappear except for real, internal relationships between us. This is called Masach (screen) and Ohr Hozer (reflected light).

This is what we call a coin, “ringing coin,” as they say.

Question: And what will it mean when we say: “I am rich” or “he is rich”?

Answer: It will mean that I have the power to resist my egoism and place others above myself. That is all. This is the measure of our rapprochement, unification, and the measure of our bestowal.

Question: Is this what we call wealth?

Answer: Yes. Wealth is about how much of myself I can give to others.

Comment: And that is the root, right? That is where it all started and degraded to simple cash?

Answer: Actually, we must go down to the very bottom and clearly see the entire truth of our relationships, only then will they change.

Question: So, as you always say, we must go to the very bottom before we can go up?

Answer: The Creator will lift you up! You have to understand and ask.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/28/22

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