Does the Development of Humanity Yield Happiness?

263Question: We are constantly being pursued by various kinds of crises, and the most basic question that remains to humanity is: “Where and, most importantly, why should we develop at all?”

Answer: In the paradigm in which we are now, we have absolutely nowhere to move. There is no point in continuing to develop like this, and we do not want to. We get into drugs and depression, and we lose the desire for everything. If it were not for advertising, which is still trying to move something, then there would be nothing at all.

People do not want that. They gradually, from year to year, increasingly understand that for some reason such development does not yield happiness.

So gradually the realization of evil is born, that an artificial way of life is imposed on us, and a person remains just like a little naked child standing in the middle of the universe screaming he is lost.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Future of Humanity” 7/17/11

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