A Triangle Transforming Into A Circle

243.05Question: Is real egoism located in the masses who do not have to correct themselves?

Answer: No, the biggest egoism exists in a few people who are aimed toward spirituality, but precisely they correct it. If we look at this in the form of a pyramid, then at the top, in terms of quantity, there is a very small number of people who understand and realize the meaning of life and at the bottom there is a huge mass.

And if we examine the pyramid from the side of egoism, then it is the reverse picture where the few have the largest egoism, and the masses have the smallest. What egoism do they have? What do they need in life? Give them a little in this world: football, vacation, a bottle of beer, and TV.

Question: Do you want to say that even nowadays when the world is becoming global and moving toward correction, this division still remains?

Answer: No, it does not remain. The highest triangle and the lowest triangle symbolize the Star of David and in the end, it transforms into a circle.

​​After the absolute complete complementation occurs, the mutual inclusion of all parts into all parts, egoistic and altruistic, bestowing and receiving, lowest and highest, right and left, then the whole creation turns into one single sphere.

And this sphere that feels itself eternal, perfect, harmonious passes through the “eye of a needle” into the next dimension.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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