The Spiritual Pyramid Of The Global Vessel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a spiritual pyramid of cooperation within the global vessel?

Answer: The spiritual system is established only according to the line of closeness to the Creator. So every person has a special place in it. This line is divided into three lines: the right line, the left line and the middle line, through which a very complex process flows, because this is the system of the integral connection between all the shattered parts of the soul.

The whole system is connected and so its lower parts can determine what will happen to its uppermost parts and conversely, the upper parts can influence the lower parts, the middle parts, etc. This means that it isn’t just a linear system that determines who is further away from the Creator and who is closer to Him. In addition there is also a very complex integral dependency here, a complicated mutual connection between the parts. So of course there is a spiritual pyramid of cooperation within the global vessel and there are people and groups in it who are closer to spiritual attainment and those who are more distant from it. But because of the connection between us, they influence each other.

All of humanity is connected, including people who apparently do not live in this world, that is, former and future Kabbalists including the souls that have fully emerged on Earth, although there aren’t really any new souls in our world, since they have all been to the lower and the upper dimensions several times. But since we operate in one integral vessel that is called Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity), everyone determines everyone else’s state.

The spiritual pyramid doesn’t just determine someone’s level and whether he advances to a higher level, but each of us influences the others because of the general connection. So there may be a group of people on the other side of the world, let’s say Costa Rica, who are yearning for spiritual attainment now, or who are in a lower state than they were yesterday or the day before yesterday. With us there are ups and downs and we depend on people who but who belong to the spiritual advancement in some way. By the way, the whole world is clearly advancing towards spirituality. This means that the spiritual pyramid exists, but one’s state in it is determined by everyone and one’s advancement in it is also integral.

Everything depends on the unique effort of the whole group. Although there are many weaker or stronger groups, we totally depend on one another, and so we want everyone to advance. We want all of humanity to advance so that this pyramid will develop harmoniously, and will take on the form of a circle in which everyone is equal, although each of us has his own special attributes, conditions, and special abilities. In the spiritual world all this is taken into account, so if every group is making every possible effort, then this is enough to support all the other groups and to be incorporated in everyone.
From a Talk About the Group and Dissemination 10/20/13

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