The United Body of Humanity

510.01Comment: Today there is only a very thin layer of people who feel, understand, and think about the meaning of life.

My Response: And the rest do not desire to do this and instead exist automatically. Ninety percent of people on earth do not know why and how they live at all and they just feed and reproduce offsprings. Only a small portion of people live with questions about the meaning of life and understand the why, how, and what in regards to the nature of their existence. There are very few of them, a couple of million on Earth.

But everyone should be corrected because we represent a huge single body in which there is flesh, various organs, and a small brain, and in the brain resides a small ball that controls everything, a kind of microprocessor. There is nothing else. Everything else is the body as subordinate to it.

That’s how everyone else is. They should just realize that there is no other way and that they need to listen to this little brain: “I want to listen to it, I have to! I want to cling to it, join it, grab hold of it, and thus ensure a good life for myself.” That is all. They are at such an animal level that they need no more than that.

And only the ones that can realize, understand, and absorb the whole picture of creation and all its greatness, scheme, and system are the conduits of light into our world for all the less fortunate people.

These special ones do not live for themselves, but for the whole of humanity. And the whole of humanity exists for each other through the reception of light from above from a small brain system that enables us to live mutually harmoniously even without understanding or realizing all the enormous work that is being done in connection between everyone—in one common soul.

As a result, we will all come to complete correction and will gradually rise to the next degree of the feeling of the universe.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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