Experts Are Predicting Famine

219.01Comment: Experts are actively predicting an impending global famine. 2021 was a terrible year because the pandemic caused the number of hungry people in the world to grow by 25%. The year 2022 promises to be even worse as a consequence of war. A triple crisis is therefore expected: food, energy, and finances. As a result, they say 2023 will be the most terrible. Experts write about it, but somehow we do not hear it. It is almost as if we do not care.

My Response: What can we do?

Comment: Be scared at least. Stock up, fill the barns with food.

My Response: I think that is pointless. A famine is not happening for us to fill our store rooms, barns, drawers in the kitchen, etc. But we need to understand how we can realistically ensure abundance in the world.

Question: So all these messages come to us specifically to reach this conclusion?

Answer: Of course. How will we handle this? If we are talking about the world, then we need to try to understand the world economy, the state of the world.

Comment: I can barely understand what is happening in my home, my home economics.

My Response: You cannot escape this! They are talking about years and not that you will be short of some beverages over the next month.

Question: You say “to understand the world economy.” Who are you calling out to, the big economists or every person?

Answer: To the people, absolutely, definitively, straight to the people.

Question: So what should I understand when I constantly see reports of an impending famine?

Answer: They are right; the world is in danger of famine. A prolonged period of famine! Lingering famine!

Up to a point that the Bible tells us that mothers will eat their babies, their children. That is how severe it will be, it will reduce us to the level of animals.

Question: When I hear this, what should I do? Why do I need all this? Why am I told all this?

Answer: For you to seriously concern yourself with how to avoid this famine and what is causing it. Then you will see that its only cause is our terrible human imbalance and the fact that we are not doing what we should.

We must reach a mutual understanding among us. We need to establish ties among us that would help reach balance. But we are NOT doing it. On the contrary, we are regressing—we want to rock the boat we are all in. So, the world is naturally heading toward periods of famine, destruction, and so on.

Question: Is it in one’s power to hear this and change the trajectory, to suddenly stop it?

Answer: They can hear it, but they cannot alter it. They cannot change it because to hear it and to accept such an eventuality is one thing. Let atomic bombs and everything else fall from the sky. So what? “If we die, it is in an instant.”

Question: If you say, “I can hear it, but I cannot stop it,” then what is all this for? Why?

Answer: To really frighten us so that we still change ourselves and thereby change the world. That is the only reason for it.

Question: How does this change occur? What is the catalyst? Is it some leader that will appear? Is it humanity that starts screaming?

Answer: There should be a leader. It is hard to make it work in our world without one. It should be someone the world would accept as their leader and follow, someone who would talk about unification and how we can overcome this period of famine. Naturally, this only works if people listen to him. The hunger will likely force them to.

Question: You still believe the famine will happen and force them to listen?

Answer: Undoubtedly! It will, but it will pass.

He will lead humanity to the fact that after this induced hunger people will be different. They will have a different attitude to life, to its values. They will understand that the most important thing is to survive and will understand what to survive for! This is the most important question.

Question: Even in the Torah, it is written: “Hunger forced us to descend into Egypt.” And there was famine. Later, there were many famines, forced hunger strikes, wars, and so on and on. It has led humanity to nothing; humanity has not learned anything.

Why do you think that now we come to some understanding and hear something, then something will change? What kind of times are we living in?

Answer: It is the period of preparation for the recognition of evil. We are preparing to attain evil.

Question: Couldn’t we do this before?

Answer: No! Even now, we are not there yet, but we are gradually approaching it. It takes enormous suffering to sense evil, to define it, to attain it, and draw conclusions from it.

Question: And you feel this is the time?

Answer: Not yet, but it is getting closer.

Question: So what conclusions do you draw about us being at such crossroads? We were not there before, but now you tell us we are here. What are the signs?

Answer: Well, we are speaking in the right way. We no longer hide behind all sorts of slogans, we no longer believe in abstract values. We have already thrown it all away. We are only interested in one thing—is there a meaning to life or not? If not, let’s assume there is not, then how can we live this life on the animal level the right way.

Question: Do you feel we have come to this today?

Answer: We have, yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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