We Will Reach Love But Only Through Hunger

294.2Question: The number of people suffering from hunger has increased in the world. There are more than eight hundred million of them. The number of people dying of hunger has increased six fold. Researchers claim the reason for it is due to climate change and constant conflicts. The world will starve if this continues. They say that a great famine is possible.

Do you think it is possible that it will come to this in our world of abundance?

Answer: There is no abundance in the world. It just seems to you that there is. Everything can be emptied in one day. All these big supermarkets, malls, whatever you see, everything can disappear in an instant and there will be nothing in the world, not even what to wear, let alone to eat.

Question: That is, one little fright and everything will be sold out and will disappear in a blink of an eye? Do you think this option is possible?

Answer: Yes. I believe this will happen. Otherwise, humanity cannot be convinced.

Question: That is, it is not for nothing that it is written in the Torah that only hunger advanced humanity? Does it still work this way?

Answer: So it is said: “Love and hunger rule the world.” And it will be so. We will reach love but only through hunger.

Question: If love had been reached earlier, then there would have been no hunger?

Answer: This is true. But with hunger people will grasp that hunger is a not the problem but the lack of love, and then this will change.

Question: Pease tell me what will this hunger lead us to if there is one?

Answer: We will start to seriously analyze the problems of life, or rather our own problems, and simply ask the question: “What do we need to change in ourselves in order for nature to treat us differently?”

For this to happen, we need to change our attitude toward others. Then nature will treat us differently. That is, if I love others and try to block my ever-growing egoism with some kind of empathy, then nature will treat me differently. I have to show nature that I want it to change its attitude toward me.

Question: Is it enough that I understand why nature puts such pressure on me and that I want to change? Is my request “I want to change” enough?

Answer: Of course.

Comment: We can avoid coming to this and must say: “I want it.”

My Response: You cannot change yourself. Not in any way! But you can realize that you must change. And you can also realize that it depends on your request to nature. We will achieve this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/5/21

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