Food Riots: Approaching The Edge

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “What causes riots? That’s not a question you would expect to have a simple answer. But today, Marco Lagi and buddies at the New England Complex Systems Institute in Cambridge, say they’ve found a single factor that seems to trigger riots around the world.

“This single factor is the price of food. Lagi says that when it rises above a certain threshold, social unrest sweeps the planet….

“But what’s interesting about this analysis is that Lagi and co say that high food prices don’t necessarily trigger riots themselves, they simply create the conditions in which social unrest can flourish. ‘These observations are consistent with a hypothesis that high global food prices are a precipitating condition for social unrest,’ say Lagi and co….

“That leads to an obvious thought. If high food prices condition the world for social unrest, then reducing the prices should stabilise the planet.

“Today, the food price index remains above the threshold but the long term trend is still below. But it is rising. Lagi and co say that if the trend continues, the index is likely to cross the threshold in August 2013.

“If their model has the predictive power they suggest, when that happens, the world will become a tinderbox waiting for a match.”

Comment: According to Kabbalah, all the events in the world are caused only by the need to bring humanity to correction, similarity with nature, balance among everyone. This is reflected in the transition to a society of reasonable consumption where everyone consumes to the extent he needs to exist, and not more. In this case, there will be enough resources for everyone.

But reaching this state is possible only under the condition of “mutual guarantee” where “one is for all and all are for one.” Kabbalah explains how to achieve such a connection between everyone in the world. Otherwise, incorrect distribution of food will lead to a world war.

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  1. This is just my opinion, but I haven’t once said anything negative about other countries, showing the love here, yet others say negative things about Americans. Yes, we have problems related to superficiality and capitalism, but other countries have their problems as well. We are all in this together as people and it doesn’t matter what country we live in, it comes down to internal changes in an individual. So, no scapegoating Americans, as easy as that may be for others.

  2. What I mean is we’re all the same here and we’re all equal no matter what country we come from, so I don’t see why some people in the world have to blame Americans for the way they are. We’re no different with our problems than anyone else.

  3. After thinking about this, Oh Well if people hate Americans for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter anyway, what matters is that people get along despite their differences or negative opinions of each other. That’s the more important goal here.

  4. There is a certain effect though S, that comes from being the most powerful nation in the world for decades. We are the same fundamentally as others, but our ego issues are certainly greater.

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