At The Round Table

The “Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)” movement has produced a series of programs under the general title of “The Round Table.” This show provides a place for multilateral discussions, and all the participants express their opinion equally. The discussions are directed by a moderator who raises a wide range of social questions among activists, representatives of public organizations, experts, and people who support various points of view and belong to all social strata.

“The Round Table” began to function a few days ago; however, already it has been attended by Charlie Biton, a social activist, one of the founders of the “Black Panthers”; Dr. Esther Eilam, the founder of the Israeli feminist movement, as well as the movement “Achoti” and one of the leaders of the tent city on Lewinski Street; Dr. Ishak Saporta from the the Recanati Graduate School of Management at Tel-Aviv University; Shira Ohayon, a specialist in education and public activist, one of the leaders of the tent city in the “HaTikva”district; Ilya Marshak , a representative of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition (a Facebook group, connecting 43,000 participants); Eyal Mautner, the coordinator of the movement “Dror Israel”; Professor B. Davidson Arad from the School of Social Work at Tel-Aviv University; Dr. Tamir Leon, an anthropologist; Ron Cobi, a chairman of “The Middle Class Revolution” (a Facebook group, connecting 12,000 participants); Ron Sasson from the forum “Strategy,” and other participants.

The objectives of the “Round Table”:

  • Expand cooperation among various individuals and organizations through civilized dialogue,
  • Focus on social issues and problems,
  • Present different views on the situation in the social sphere,
  • Talk about possible solutions to social problems we face,
  • Encourage partnership and mutual understanding between all those who are active in the field.

In our eyes, the approach is no less and perhaps even more important than the goal itself. We believe that mutual communication and constructive cooperation sometimes plays a greater role than the final decisions. We see our task in supporting the debate in a pleasant, business-like manner so that the participants show respect towards each other and open the “umbrella” of mutual guarantee, like at a family meeting.

During discussions, we encourage consideration and attention to the needs of others so that everyone perceives the problems of others as their own. The idea is to learn to care about each other despite different personal views, positions of various organizations, and problems of individual communities and social strata, as if we are one family.

Program format: Discussions are held from 8:00 until 9:30 P.M. at the round table on Rothschild Boulevard next to the “Mutual Guarantee” movement’s tent. The discussion involves six or seven people who listen to each other and take turns expressing their opinion. The program “The Round Table” is broadcast online on the “Mutual Guarantee” movement website, as well as on its Facebook page (in Hebrew).

Each participant gets enough time to express his or her opinion, present ideas, and respond to the views of other participants. The general public from Rothschild Boulevard and from the Internet are also invited to the discussion. Part of the public response is streamed live. The discussion is filmed by a team of professional cameramen with the support of sound operators and lighting professionals.

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