Take Care Of The Tycoons, You Just Might Need Them

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person should use his innate capacities given to him by nature to their fullest potential for the benefit of others. But then, from where will one draw his satisfaction? It will come from using themselves to the utmost to serve others.

After all, when I make a profit, I receive a personal gain. I engage my ego to serve myself, selfishly using the qualities and abilities that the Creator gave me, although He could have given them to someone else. So, it turns out that people with means or with advanced capabilities, which the Creator has given them, are causing more damage when using their capacity for personal gain. However, this fact must manifest full force in order for everyone to understand what is going on.

This will be revealed in a state where we’ll see that the integral system must be engaged full force, and all are equal in it. Whatever qualities may have been given to me, I see myself as part of the common mechanism, the part that must diligently do its job to the utmost.

In this way, I am not different from anyone else. If both of us are doing what we are supposed to do, then, in spirituality, we are absolutely equal. There are no differences between us. We were simply born different. Hence, we have a different impact, but its efficiency quotient is the same.

This refers to the effort that each of us is capable of inputting, rather than to the qualitative indicators of the output. We evaluate a person not by the results that appear to our eyes, but only by his specific efforts.

This does not mean forcing people, as was done in Soviet Russia where the government took away businesses from the talented individuals who owned them, and thus destroyed the country. If you kill or exile such people, who will manage the industry and the economy?

So, we definitely must protect the tycoons and provide opportunities for them to open as many businesses as possible. They are the ones who can do it.

We have already seen what happens under socialism. Here is the egoistic desire at work, and it should be handled as sensibly as possible, until a person unilaterally decides that it’s time to become corrected. One way or the other, everything should be grounded on desire.

However, what if people take to the streets and begin making specific demands? The most important key here is to educate the people. Obviously, we have to put the fire out.

Some people actually live in poverty and do need help, but only when the level of our education begins to rise shall we see how things will begin to get better. After all, we ourselves begin to understand that one must give up something for the sake of others.

This won’t be an ideology or an opinion, but a feeling that will permeate us all. Then, we will feel like a nation.

Besides, we will receive the assistance of the upper Light. By the law of equivalence of form, our system will become the garment for the upper Light and we will see enormous fruits of our unification, similar to the fruits seen by the scouts who were the first to make their way into the land of Israel after 40 years of wandering in the desert. We will suddenly discover the energy and the potential that is contained in everything that we are dealing with.

All of this can be achieved only through education. That’s why we need a round table where we discuss issues together and raise the level of interaction and mutual interest among the people. That is all we need. The government, in the wake of our discussion, will take on executive functions.

The round table will be a nationwide debate conducted together with experts who have a critical approach and analysis, but based on common agreement such as in a close-knit family. Then we will succeed. Otherwise, we will fail.
From the lesson on 8/19/11, “One Precept”

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  1. i totally love this article♥~! this is the kind of thing we need to get out there to the world. there are many bad feelings about the rich~as tho it is ‘all their fault’ well could they even do anything against anyone coming to have our views~? Rav is right. let’s take it to the world~! FAST. Arvut~!

  2. It is this widespread all or nothing premise that misses the point. It is not capitalism that is under attack. It is rampant greed, lying, cheating, stealing, buying off, usurping… all at the expense of the others who mostly play by the putative rules and still lose. Also, socialism is not communism. It is giving on what one has received versus hording it for self-serving, winner-take-all purposes. It is understanding that the interdependece of the world, of do unto others… Why does the basic Kabbalistic premise of the circle of bestower and receiver, of proper intention, suddenly go out the window here? A growing number of tycoons have forgotten that they built their wealth with the cooperation of the rank-and-file, the road builders, the teachers, the working stiff who are all losing ground as they build their gated communities and prosper beyond all measure. Bless the Warren Buffetts and Bill Gateses. But I do agree with you that education is the key to all the world’s ills.

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