The New World Needs A New Economy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Isn’t our message socialist in essence?

Answer: Who cares what it is called? People demand this, regardless of names and labels. The nation of Israel demands social justice, which has to be the same as in the family. The word “socialism” triggers rejection. People have already tried it, yet the question is not about the words, but the essence.

Social justice means a “family” approach where we all consider each other. We have to build an economy consistent with this principle. We have no other alternative. If we want to succeed in the modern world, even regardless of the protests, then we have to rebuild the economy in all countries exactly on this foundation.

We need a new economy, and, meanwhile, leading experts still do not understand this. We see where they have brought us. If the person who was responsible for a family’s overall budget had brought the family to such a crisis, all the money would be taken from him immediately and the fate of the household entrusted to a more competent and knowledgeable person.

However, let us go back to the Israeli wave of protest. People demand social justice, and the economy should be built on this principle. From now on, it should be based on a different attitude. We need formulas of budget allocation that will leave everyone satisfied. But how can we achieve this?

To this end, the nation’s representatives should sit down at the “family” table, put the available resources in the center, and decide together how to divide them so that everyone is satisfied, knowing that this is the only possible solution. After all, we do not have any other savings, and every person should understand that he is treated fairly even if he receives two shekels while another receives twenty.

Of course, to do this, there has to be mass education and a nationwide debate. And besides, there are simple calculations to be made as well: If a person earns less than a certain amount, then he simply cannot provide for himself. If a single mother raising her children on her own receives less than a certain minimum, she cannot cope. Thus, there are priorities that need to be solved at least on a basic level so that people can survive. Then, we will move on to other issues, arranging them in the order of priority.

Moreover, we need this kind of economy in the modern world. Otherwise, the time will come when people show the government the door. Today, this is easy. The games have ended. The system of mutual guarantee is now revealed among people, and they will begin to feel that we are all interconnected.

However, governments are disconnected from reality and do not feel this. They still rely on various commissions and other outdated resources to divert attention. However, the people will not calm down.

That is why we need other specialists. We will explain the principle of social justice to them, and they will build the appropriate economic system. Moreover, they will transform the state to meet the new requirements.

Today, people demand that the state function differently with all of its mechanisms, ministries, and agencies in relation to each person and each part of the country. We want the Land Administration, National Insurance, and other institutions to operate differently, and this requires huge changes. They are not simple, but they are necessary.

We must also understand that new political parties and other political methods won’t help us either. After all, we already know that whoever finds himself in this environment becomes similar to it. Instead, the next government should take the form of a round table. This government will not be there to explain mysterious facts to the people from a high pedestal. This no longer works. The world has entered a new state and gradually, this will become obvious to everyone.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/11, “Arvut

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  1. Hopefully the new system will resemble nature, where everyones self is like a cell in the body, felt and heard by all. Then there will be no separation, and all will be as one. The way things are now, the decision makers are numb to the commoners, and life is a king of the hill battle to them. But we all know who reigns on such a mountain of hate…

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