Caring For Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can you briefly describe the concept of mutual guarantee?

Answer: Mutual guarantee is when every person understands that his good depends on the good of the other. It cannot be good for me if it is not good for him. I cannot feed myself, but rather, I feed you and you feed me. This is the only way to live. Otherwise, we will die. Choose: there are no other options.

To this extent, we should feel our interdependence. Food is the most important thing for man, but no one can provide himself even with the necessary things without realizing this condition of mutual unity. Everyone will provide for others and not for himself. Nature will compel us to unite with each other in this way, and no other.

Everything else follows from this feeling. As in a close-knit family, together we take care of our children and support our parents. Would we leave a sick grandfather in trouble? Of course not. The condition of mutual guarantee obliges us to do this, and there is no need to introduce special laws. The main thing is an appropriate atmosphere in society, which is created by the media and the environment that condemn or respect certain relationships between people.

However, today, while the Israeli society has not adopted the principle of mutual guarantee yet, we must firstly help all those who cannot get by on their own. Let’s discuss together how to raise people living below the poverty line. This is our first concern because no one in the family should fall below the lowest bracket.

Let’s “put out the fire” and at the same time, work on public education so that the nation moves in the direction of mutual guarantee, which nature itself demands from us today. The upper world descends upon us and expresses itself in the form of the mutual guarantee.

It will take six months or a year before people begin to realize and internalize what is going on. However, today, mutual consent is already required to help the needy who have no money to feed themselves until the next paycheck. Let’s provide what is necessary for them now, and then discuss the rest.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/11, “Arvut

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  1. Caring for others is what is important in life. Otherwise, we have all of these problems. And if people cared in the first place we wouldn’t have them. If it’s too hard for someone to care about another, perhaps they could just tell themselves that it’s for a good cause and their doing something for someone else to not think of themselves. That way, at least, they could motivate themselves to not take it personally when they have to sacrifice or give something up. Just an idea.

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