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Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From “[Polish] Prime Minister Donald Tusk presented government assessment of the aggravating international financial turbulence in the Sejm on Friday [19 August]. He said his government would continue responsible policies to ensure that public spending is under control, and Poland is perceived as a stable and reliable country.

“It is the task of every responsible government and political party to ‘shield the country against the threat of chaos, nervous reactions and wave of emotions’ because such things harmed local and international economies, Tusk argued. He said that the main problem of countries engulfed by the present crisis was nervous reactions of investors and businessmen as well as waning confidence of citizens in financial institutions, including banks.…

“Poland is well prepared to stave off another wave of international crisis, he repeated. ‘We have currency reserves large enough for the foreseeable future and the Flexible Credit Line (with the IMF) makes it possible to effectively protect the zloty if it becomes necessary,’ Tusk assured.…

“’We are not afraid of (..) a more effective management of the euro zone because we believe that the euro zone is deeply in need of a stronger management,’ Tusk declared.”

My Comment: If the crisis is global, how could it not affect the country in the middle of Europe, how can a country not depend on export and import and on the earnings of Polish workers in other countries? Even leaders still do not understand what the globality of the world entails.

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