World Hunger Help Is Failing

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “Painfully hungry every day – the latest World Disasters Report takes a hard look at why nearly a billion people live like this, when there is enough food being produced to feed everyone.

“The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) says further that more people are going hungry in cities and in high-income countries.

“The Disasters Report says the first of the UN Millennium Development Goals probably will not be achieved by 2015: that is halving the proportion of people suffering from extreme hunger and poverty.

“The underfed now number some 925 million worldwide, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. Three million under-fives die from not getting enough to eat every year.

“Undernutrition stunts the growth of an estimated 178 million children under the age of five. The handicap begins from conception — while the infant is still inside the mother — when she is not adequately fed. And of all the world’s undernourished people, six out of ten are female.

“The causes of food crises, the IFRC report says, include speculation and global market fluctuation affecting prices.”

My Comment: The reason is a lack of mutual guarantee and responsibility, a lack of community feeling of everyone on Earth, that is, our egoism, or rather the fact that without fighting it and in spite of it, we do not build a connection between us—the screen that would connect us and in which we would discover the property of bestowal, the property of Nature. Achieving this property would give us strength and ability to establish a fair connection and distribution, and everyone would have everything in abundance.

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  1. Shalom My very Dear Rav,

    I am living in Berlin for about one and half year. Indeed as a student of political sciences, I read that EU is elite idea and people of Europe in many cases are against it.
    Every day in train (tube, metro) I see that nobody is willing to give his or her place to senior citizens, indeed rarely it can happen. They never care that this 60 to 70 years old woman or man that run after train need some rest!
    Although Germany offers thousands of immigrant permission every year but solution I think is in individual way of experience ego and id through Kabbalah with help of governments
    If I want to talk about rich part of the city for instance Potsdam and Gribnitzsee if you walk along the lake there are some houses that do not let you to enjoy the lake as they consider that as their own private part, although I never care about it as there are many places that I can walk but I notice that through several flag of their neighbors that protest for “free lake”!
    All in all I think among all cities of the world due to bad experience of holocaust in Berlin in about 60 to 70 years ago , government try to make a free city for all people around the world … indeed amount of freedom in Berlin is not comparable to any other city, you can drink in street or train or smoke in many places …and buy cheap foods and fruits in many supermarkets.
    Indeed I think we have to protect the role of elites and encourage them in peaceful way not so harsh as soviet union to continue , and as I said EU is not based on will of people but will of few whom have better view!
    Every kabbalist can control some people and try to bring them out of egoism and encourage them to cooperate through experience ! so it is role of kabblaists and elites(governments) to save the world.
    Your Amir

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