We Have No Other Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is so much time and effort spent on these questions regarding corporeal life, that is, economic and world crises? As a beginner to the study of Kabbalah, this seems like a contradiction to what we are being told in the beginner classes regarding the “spiritual” and “corporeal” life. Can you provide some clarification, please?

Answer: The single purpose of our existence in this world of imaginary reality felt in the property “to receive” is to discover a true reality felt in the property of love and bestowal. To achieve this we are brought to the teacher and the group so that we, in the effort to unite with them into a single whole, would attract upon ourselves the influence of the upper Light and would reveal the world of bestowal.

Today, in addition to the group, the entire world is being revealed as another group. It discovers the harmful egoism within and gradually realizes that egoism is so evil that it wishes to get itself rid of it. Our task is to tell that it’s possible, to explain how it can be done—not by studying Kabbalah, but our world as a global, integral, and closed system, which is becoming a single whole more and more, as well as to instruct them on how we can build a society of mutual guarantee that would correspond to it.

If we assist them, we grow because we do not have any other mission. Baal HaSulam writes about it in the articles “The Giving of the Torah,” “Mutual Guarantee,” and others.

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