From an Unconscious State to Conscious

715Question: What happens in the feeling of my present “I” when I reach the spiritual level of perception?

Answer: Your current “I” is associated with all the great volume of desires and thoughts. You feel that it includes absolutely all of creation. All the worlds, the entire “Adam” are you.

Kabbalah says that initially such a structure was created in which the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature are perfect, created by light, the Creator, the upper force.

But in order to give this structure the opportunity to experience itself to a full measure, as if to recognize itself anew so as to feel equal to the force that created it, meaning to the Creator, and become independent, it is necessary to exit this state into the absolute opposite of it, from a perfect state to an imperfect one, to separate yourself from it completely and only then begin to realize who you are, and gradually correct this separation by yourself.

For example, if we give a person all the kindest, best things and fill his life with everything he wants, then he takes this for granted. He is not inspired, he does not enjoy, he is not impressed. He has everything and this is the norm for him.

Let’s pull him out of this state so that he would feel what it means to be the opposite of it, let’s give him the opportunity to evaluate by himself the difference between both states and gradually approach a good state, but with his own efforts, to earn it.

At the same time, a constant impression from a bad state remains in him, he recognizes it more and more clearly. Approaching the good state, he sees a more comfortable, happy, eternal state compared to the opposite one, and increasingly feels the difference between them. Earning this good state on his own, he does not lose the bad one. Thus, by connecting two parts together, absolutely bad and absolutely good, he feels them one against the other.

Then he has a perception from minus infinity to plus infinity, and he really feels that he is an absolute. This, in principle, is what the Creator, the upper force, wanted to give us in sensation.

When we come to this state, when all the negative and positive come together and complement each other in one universal perfect harmony, this is the state of complete correction.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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