I and the Universe Are One Common Whole

707Question: What is the difference between the current distorted state and the corrected state that we have to come to?

Answer: Our current state is corrupted, temporary, and unstable. It gives us suffering every second because it forces us to come to global harmony.

Global harmony is when all parts of nature are interconnected and absolutely complement each other. Today this necessity is beginning to unfold in our world.

Therefore the difference between the present world and the world of the future is that by correcting our desires from receiving, from egoism, to bestowal and love, we begin to feel our world, our universe, and all other spiritual worlds together as one common whole absolutely connected with us. Meaning, I and all this are one common whole.

Moreover, I feel it as “I and everyone else are connected together.” No one and nothing disappears; all these objects, all the properties, desires, and thoughts just become one common whole, an interconnected, complementary, harmonious single body called Adam.

This spiritual construction, in which everything is harmoniously connected, is called the world of infinity, the world of infinite, perfect, harmonious, eternal existence. We will come to it because all the parts of this system complement each other, constantly overflow, exchange, and so on.

There is nothing that would die, be destroyed, or act at the expense of the other. Everything is based on mutual addition, the same as in a healthy body.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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