Is There Really no other Way with Us?

962.7Comment: Alesya asks: “You say that it is necessary to bow your head before the Creator and say: ‘I agree.’ But how do you agree with what He is doing? It is Him who is doing this! Is it really impossible to treat us in a different way, in a kind way?”

Answer: It is possible to treat us kindly, but we do not understand. And therefore, it is necessary for the Creator in His attitude of absolute goodness toward us to forcefully, gradually introduce into His quality of absolute goodness the quality of suffering, the feeling of lack; otherwise, we do not react.

Question: There is such an expression, “Attract with kindness and push away with suffering.” You say that “attract with goodness” is not enough? Which means, we do not hear this attraction with goodness?

Answer: We do not feel it. Every day, from morning to evening, every second, we have opportunities to treat each other with kindness: to connect, unite, and try to feel a good force between us which will eventually accumulate and manifest itself as the upper force, as a quality of kindness and love.

But we do not hear it. Maybe we connect for a minute and that is it. Then we disconnect from that and again jump into all sorts of quarrels between us.

Question: And that is why you say that actions of the Creator are only to enforce?

Answer: No. He acts all the same with kindness. But in this goodness, some actions manifest themselves more and they seem to us harsh, bitter, and so on.

Question: And what is it in us that turns these acts of goodness into apparent suffering? It seems that goodness is aimed at you, but you are suffering. What is it that we have in us?

Answer: Our egoism! The Creator wants to show us every second how the egoistic quality pushes us apart and away from each other and leads to all kinds of regrets and suffering. This is clear from every second of our existence.

In general, it is terrible when you see it!

Question: So, until He gets us to the point where we see it, it will not stop?

Answer: No, of course not. We must see this evil in us and everything will immediately start to turn around.

Question: We will want to get out of it, feel this good that is directed at us after all?

Answer: You have to imagine it even before you see it. You do not have to see anything! Imagine everything that is said, and this will be enough to break away from egoism.

Question: Imagine that only a flow of good comes to us?

Answer: Yes, that there is huge egoism between us and we need to somehow overcome it and connect with each other above the egoism. This is the main work of man.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/2/22

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