We Just Need To Say “Whoosh!”

565.01Comment: Natasha is asking: “You are talking about correction of the world, but it is such a long process, it will all happen sometime in the future. What can we do to realize right now that we urgently need to change our attitude to each other? I see that neither wars nor suffering help. What will help then?”

My Response: It can be a long process when, firstly, it does not depend on us and when it takes place through some external actions. When you need to build something, to do something, or even destroy something.

However, if this is the process of realization, you can say two words to a person, and it will shake him up and that’s it. He realized everything.

Question: What happens within him then? What turns over?

Answer: Cause and consequence. He begins to understand the relationship between cause and consequence. And this changes absolutely everything in him.

He begins to understand the reason why we exist in such a terrible way. The reason is not in you or in me, but in the egoism between us. It means that this egoism is between us, it is not yours and it is not mine, and it is not that you are good and I am bad, or I am good and you are bad, no one is bad! Between us! The Creator specially created egoism between us in advance so that we would understand.

He even says: “I created egoism between you so that you would destroy it. It is in this way that I want you to understand that there can be something opposite of connection, love, and interaction. In this way, you would come to this connection, love, and interaction by removing the opposite.”

Everything that we attain in our world is attained from the opposite state. As they say: “The advantage of the light is from the darkness.”

Therefore, it can happen very fast.

Question: Is this understanding, in fact, the process of correction?

Answer: Yes, when you say, “Ouch!” and besides the pain you understand, in this “ouch,” the cause of this pain. You refuse it in advance, instantly, right there. You do not want it in any way. By this you reach correction. You do not need to do anything else.

Question: Why are we not saying “ouch” now? After all, it seems like the right time.

Answer: We do not understand that this thing that exists between us and prevents everything good is only our egoism.

Question: Why do we always have hope that egoism will lead us out, that it will get better?

Answer: We want to rise above each other. This is the problem.

So how can we humiliate ourselves relative to others? It does not matter what others will think, how they will look at us, what conclusions they will draw from our behavior. We just need to bow our heads down and start acting.

Comment: And we will hear: “Rag! Not a man! Who is he?”

My Response: No, I do not think so. If a person really acts in this way, people will understand that he is doing it consciously.

Question: Does this also apply to the leaders who lead the nations?

Answer: Everyone. To set such a good example. This is when the correction process will begin.

Question: Why can’t the Creator do like in your fairy tale? Like this: “Whoosh!”

Answer: The Creator did everything opposite of this. He must do everything opposite of this. Because only in this way will we attain the greatness, perfection, and the quality of love.

Question: Out of complete lack of love?

Answer: Of course, only like that.

We have to come to the understanding that we are coming to an end. We have no other choice but to make an effort over ourselves to transfer ourselves to the next state.

We just need to say, “Whoosh!” And everything else will happen from above.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/28/22

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