Then We Won’t Want to Destroy Anything

963.1Question: UNESCO conducted a survey of 15,000 people from all over the world about what problems most concern the population of the planet. Young people under the age of 35 comprised 57% of the respondents.

It turned out that the problem that most worries humanity is global warming and the disappearance of species, both fauna and flora. Almost 60% of respondents talked about this. Second were conflicts and violence. Third was discrimination and inequality. And fourth was the lack of water, food, and shelter.

What do you think is the most important problem for humanity?

Answer: How to exist in a warm, kind, supportive, confident environment for us and our children. We need to understand how we can, if not control nature, then control ourselves in order to bring ourselves closer to nature.

Question: Then I will be fine and so will my neighbors, relatives, and everyone?

Answer: Sure. The most important thing is to find out the cause of the many conflicts that exist between us and between us and nature. The reason! And then we will know what the greatest danger to us is and what to do about it.

Question: What is the reason?

Answer: Our huge contradiction with each other, our huge egoism, which divides us, pushes us apart, sets us against each other, and does not allow us to gather and thus bring ourselves and the entire world around us into a balanced, good state.

There is nothing else. The only force that spoils everything in the world is human egoism. Let’s make sure that we know how to manage it.

You can see that if we walk away from somewhere, like Chernobyl, for example, then everything immediately calms down. There are no problems and nature blooms.

But if we could remove egoism from a person, there would be nothing left of him! So, we should not think about how to remove it, but how to correct it so that this force is positive, and not negative.

We see how a mother takes care of her child. That is, people can do this despite the fact that they are egoists, if they have love for another. So we just need to achieve love for our neighbor. That’s all.

Do not kill anything. On the contrary, add love to your neighbor. And then everything will be in order. We won’t want to destroy anything.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/12/21

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