Fear Is An Instrument For Connection

281.02Question: When studying Kabbalah, everything seems to be determined. But, on the other hand, sometimes fear arises—what is next? How to work with it?

Answer: Such fear quickly passes. It arises from the unknown. For example, when the world opens up a little more in front of a small child, he is frightened because he is not familiar with it. Therefore, one must quickly find oneself within this new, gradually unfolding world.

I can advise you on what helped me at those times. As soon as I had fear or any problems, I immediately opened The Study of the Ten Sefirot or Introduction to the Wisdom of Kabbalah (Pticha) and studied the physics of the spiritual worlds—actions performed with the Masach, Reshimot, etc.

This is soothing and immediately clarifies the picture. Kabbalah is indeed a very serious science. It explains the structure of the world and everything becomes much simpler and clearer.

First, fear arises every time the picture of the world expands. And you need to expand. Second, in Kabbalah, the ten is considered a spiritual unit. Therefore, by gathering in a small group of ten and sticking to it, you will no longer feel fear.

That is, fear will deliberately urge you to a greater connection until the upper world really opens up in it and you literally begin to feel it.
From KabTV’s “Conversations”

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