We Do Not Need To Hide

49.01Question: Mark writes: “Why is it that whenever we want good, we come to bad? If we want peace, we come to war. We want happiness, we get only suffering. We want to educate children, and as a result they are brought up by TikTok, corrupted peers, and scandalous media. It turns out that we do not care about our children. Yet, we have no strength to change anything. Why do you want one thing, but always receive another?”

Answer: Because you, a human, have created a world that affects your child and affects him from all sides. You raised all his friends, you built all this mass media and so on. You did all of it, with your own hands. Now all this affects your son and forces him to be this thing that is embedded in all these means that put pressure on him.

You are responsible for the entire world.

Question: Can you say this to everyone?

Answer: I can. You are responsible for the entire world. Therefore, there is no need to hide somewhere or run away;  nothing will work.

Question: Did I make the world bad?

Answer: You!

Question: How can I make it good?

Answer: First of all, think about the fact that you are responsible for this world, and you can return it to a good state, correct it. So now you are thinking only about the way to correct it. In fact, by correcting yourself, you are correcting the entire world. If you are really sure of it, then it will happen that way.

Question: What do you mean by “correcting myself”?

Answer: From egoism to altruism. That’s it!

Question: Is that all there is?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you imagine, that’s all there is, and here around us there is such a complex world?

Answer: There is nothing around us. This is all just a display of our idiotic, shoddy egoism! And a shallow one at that, at its lowest level! These are not the great upper forces of nature, negative and positive ones at a morally high level, and so on. This is a little thing that we mess around with like children in a sandbox.

Comment: So, you answer affirmatively to the questions, of which we have a million. They say: “Laitman reduces everything to egoism.”

My Response: Yes, that’s right!

Question: Is it the basis of everything? Of all the troubles, all the suffering, everything in general?

Answer: Yes, and the basis of happiness as well.

Question: Is egoism also the basis of happiness?

Answer: Yes. And it is not going anywhere. We just need to handle it correctly. Thanks to it, we will come to happiness.

Question: In what instance? What do I need to do?

Answer: Use it correctly.

Question: Is this the only thing that is required of me?

Answer: The only thing. You have nothing but egoism in your nature. You have to stand on this egoism, and you have no right to destroy it (even if we assume that there is such an opportunity). No way! Kabbalah forbids it. It even prohibits all kinds of diets and other things like that.

You have to be a normal person. Normal! And to think only about one thing: How can I transform my egoism so that it works for bestowal and love. There is nothing easier.

Question: So, is this the only thing that the wisdom of Kabbalah is engaged in?

Answer: That’s all we need to be engaged in.

Question: Then what is hidden about it?

Answer: It is concealed from us. Therefore, it is hidden. But there is nothing hidden about it.

Comment: Hidden wisdom, signs, letters, gematria…

My Response: It is all because we have nothing to do with this! As soon as you start to move toward this, you immediately begin to understand what it is talking about—about the reverse side of our world.

Question: So, is one simple formula at the heart of everything anyway?

Answer: Yes, invert egoism to its opposite.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/28/22

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