An Eternally Living Soul

294.3Question: You said that the Jews have a method of correcting egoism and that the whole matter of nature and all other nations is solid egoism. So, the reason for hatred of Jews is that this matter is the opposite of the spiritual degree?

Answer: We are all the opposite of the spiritual degree.

But within the whole of humanity there is a method of how to correct this oppositeness, how to implement it so that it helps us to rise to the next, spiritual degree. Our egoism will serve us as a rising energy.

We can properly direct it to love instead of hatred. When we discover why and for what it all exists, then all our negative properties, qualities, all kinds of movements, and desires will serve as a springboard to rise to the next degree, to the next dimension.

We can now reveal this for ourselves and thus enter a state in addition to our world, when behind it we will feel another degree, another world around us, the upper one, and we will exist in both.

And then we will understand where we come from, where we are born, where we go after death. Let’s understand that only bodies live and die, and we, our inner, spiritual part of the body continues to live.

If we reveal the full scope of the universe, then our body ceases to be felt as the only possibility of existence. We begin to feel like we exist in everything. The body dies or lives, it no longer matters to us. This is what Kabbalah leads to. That’s what it allows us.

Kabbalah is being revealed now, as humanity begins to realize that it is integrally, globally interconnected. Therefore, we have the opportunity to reach the next degree through globalization, through the connection of everyone with everyone.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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