Everyone Can Become Moses

222Comment: Irina is asking: “During this war and these events that are happening, I suddenly have a feeling that I cannot plan anything, that I do not decide anything, that everything is decided for me. They took away the meaning of living the way I want! I have to live as someone else wants! I feel like an animal being led wherever they want: into slavery—so, into slavery; to slaughter—so, to slaughter. And this is called life! How can I break free out of this circle? This is not life!”

My Response: It has always been that way. You just did not realize that you were being controlled. Now you have grown up internally and feel that you are being controlled. This is a completely different state.

What is this for? In order for you to maybe be able to change yourself. To find out why you are being controlled, who is controlling you, what for, why, and how to change yourself so that you can enter this governance yourself. This is already recognizing that you are in a state of spiritual growth.

All these people and governments are in fact puppets. Who is behind them? The upper force that controls all of us through all sorts of figureheads.

It means that we must understand from where, what for, and why, and try to see this upper force that leads us to a certain state and controls us. To come in contact with it in such a way that we would receive all kinds of control signals directly from it.

Question: So that I receive directly from this force? Roughly speaking, why do I need intermediaries? By this I remove these intermediaries and work directly with it, right?

Answer: Of course. This is the level of Moshe (Moses)—the one who talks directly to the Creator. Everyone can come to this. If we get out of slavery, we reach the level of Moses.

This is why we are driven into such states, so that we come out of them and directly connect ourselves to the upper force that wants to lead us somewhere. We are given all the problems just to turn our attention to the upper force. Therefore, it is said about the Creator that He is very jealous.

Question: Is He jealous because we do not pay attention to Him but to everything that happens around us? And we should pay attention to Him?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, are you saying that this direct dialogue is not just possible but necessary? Is that where we are being led?

Answer: He will force us to do this. But it is better to do this sooner.

Question: Will every inhabitant of the Earth be directly speaking with the upper force? What will happen then if this fantasy takes place?

Answer: We will discover the upper force within which we exist, which controls us and leads us to the next degree of development.

We will discover that He surrounds us, includes us, and controls us in everything and by everything and wants us to enter into such a connection with Him that we understand His every action, His every signal to us.

Question: Why does He need it?

Answer: So that we rise to His level. Through this we reach our highest state of development—to be like Him, to see everything, to understand everything, to execute everything, to do everything, to be at the highest level of nature. To see everything from one end to the other. That is, we become eternal and perfect.

Comment: As they used to say at school: “Man is the crown of nature.” The man who mutilated everything around him.

My Response: This is the recognition of our current state. It is terrible, of course! Worse than animals! It is out of this recognition that we come to connection.

Question: What about what you say all the time: love, connection, and good relations?

Answer: We must cultivate this within ourselves by force. From this forced cultivation we will come to this feeling. We will come to this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/25/22

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