The Main Thing Is Good Relations

552.02Question: There are some things that come to a person easily, while other things are much more difficult. Let us say unity. Is it worth considering it this way: it is hard for me to unite with another person, and this is my contribution?

Answer: No. One should really try to reach any kind of contact in any place, under any conditions. The main thing is good relations. Different levels of them, but kind, and positive, when I wish another individual what I wish for myself.

At the same time, a good connection arises between people when they feel each other and permeate each other emotionally.

Each one of them understands the desires of the other, the qualities of the other, and how he can complement and fulfill them. We must feel this! To do this, you need to be in a group that is working on unity, and then you will feel.

We need to find such a group; we have a lot of them all over the world. With systematic participation in the work of the group, you will see how you accumulate internal sensations and knowledge, which begin to form into a new sense; it is called feeling your neighbor. You will begin to understand that until this time you did not feel your neighbor.

You did not feel people at all! You felt in yourself their model, which you created for yourself egoistically to get as much as possible from them and give them as little as possible, according to a simple egoistic law. This includes your children, this includes everyone. Now, when you do it in a new way, it is completely different.

Therefore, we must open courses and constantly, everywhere, teach people the elementary laws of commutation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to solve any problem?” 5/1/14

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