One God—Unity And Love

243.07Remark: There are some movies that show an extraterrestrial alien invasion and all the people on Earth uniting. The sense of mutual guarantee appears.

But even now, when the coronavirus dominates the entire Earth, we see that it does not unite people but divides them.

My Comment: We have come to a state where nothing will help us unite except realizing that only connection will raise us above our nature, above ourselves. We must achieve this.

Remark: If there was one God for everyone, then everyone would walk under Him, believe in Him, it would be good.

Answer: But it is not so, and it will not happen. There is no such God.

There is only one God, if we accept Him as God, and that is mutual connection, unity, and love. These qualities can bring us closer together and unite us. It can be called the highest property that exists in nature. That is what we need.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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