Why Has The Creator “Destroyed” The Ideal State?

75.01Question: Why should we correct something if we have not spoiled anything through our own will?

Answer: The plan of creation is predetermined and we are invited to correct it, just like when we buy a small child a puzzle or give him the parts of a construction toy and invite him to assemble it so that he will develop, so that he will understand the world better and develop.

We actually don’t correct anything. The Creator initially created an ideal state and then destroyed it on purpose so that by reconnecting each particle with the others, we will reach the state of the absolute whole. In other words, so that as a result of our work we will attain the wholeness that was determined in the initial state.

The difference between the initial state and the ultimate state is in our awareness, in our multiplying ourselves by ourselves and attaining all the combinations, all the combinatorics between us, and thus reach the whole state, the understanding of the internal essence, of what the Creator has actually done, the reason for it, what He has filled the desire with, and what the essence of the light is.

By attaining that, a person becomes equal to the Creator in his understanding, in the recognition of the whole process of creation, and ascends above the corporeal world to the world of forces, to the state of infinity, and eternity.

This is infinite attainment and recognition, which are independent of the parameters of time, space, and motion.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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