The Three States Of Creation

laitman_548.02There are three states according to the thought of creation: the initial state–Adam, the second state–our individual ego, and the third state, which we have to attain–the ascent above our ego despite the egoistic network that divides us and integrating in unity between us.

In order to reach the third state, we need to multiply the first state (the desire to receive) times the second state (our individual ego) so that we have a huge egoistic desire.

Then we have to turn this desire into a connection between us so that the egoistic networks that divide us will connect us. Thus, we will reach the third state in which we will be in complete bestowal. This is the Creator’s attribute and this is what we need to attain.

No one is asking us if this is necessary or not. Everything is programmed so that eventually we will reach one desire for one attribute, for bestowal. Then it will be revealed to us that we are connected between us and filled with the Creator.

If we spread these three states on a timeline, the first state is the beginning of the creation, the second state is the correction, and the third state is the end of creation.

The correction is gradual. If we count from zero to 6,000 years. Today we are actually in the last phase, in the year 5779, and there are about 221 years left until the end of correction.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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