War Between The Creator And The Creatures

565.01We don’t need to worry about how to reconcile a dispute or resolving all disputed issues. Don’t be like a kid trying unsuccessfully to fit a cube into a round hole and not realizing that one will never fit into the other.

A dispute is not given in order to extinguish it, as we try to do in this world. It is impossible, and therefore we come to wars. After all, it is impossible to prove to another that you are right and to come to reconciliation. Disputes are given to us from above, and therefore, we are incapable of resolving this higher contradiction in any form here in our world at our level.

We only need to know that these conflicts show us our condition and how wrong our approach to them is.

The world is concluded between the Creator and the creatures; that is, over the dispute, the name of the Creator, the good who does good, is revealed. It turns out that we are at war not with each other, but with the Creator. And peace reigns when everyone reduces the egoistic intention to their great desire to receive and one desire reigns in the world—the desire to bestow.

And then all goodness and pleasure is revealed in the world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/22, “Winning the War (against the evil inclination)”

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