Is It Difficult To Achieve Peace?

546.02It must be understood that all disputes flare up between us not in order to hush them up, but in order to strengthen our unity despite all the differences. Conflict is resolved not by erasing our differences, but by rising above them.

This is much easier than the way we try to resolve conflicts in our world. We think that it is necessary to eliminate the contradiction, and therefore we want to defeat the enemy and prove to him that we are right and that he is wrong. And he, for his part, tries to prove the opposite.

But we will never come to peace this way! The method of Kabbalah uses exactly the opposite approach where we realize the reason for our dispute and neither one tries to force the other to accept his opinion. We want to reach a connection over these differences so that love covers all crimes.

Crimes and disputes will remain, and we will increase our love and unity more and more. As a result, the disagreement will be revealed in full measure, above it the complete unification will be revealed, and both will exist simultaneously: the strongest desire and the largest contraction and the screen. And then the full revelation of the Creator will take place. This is the method of Kabbalah.

It won’t work otherwise! If we want to stop wars, then we must understand that there is no other solution, only mutual replenishment on top of disagreements.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/22, “Winning the War (against the evil inclination)”

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