The Hero of All Heroes

294.1How can we win the war against our egoistic desire that cares only about itself? This is its nature and because of that, it is opposite to the Creator, the force of bestowal and love, which obliges us to think about everyone together and perceive reality in this way.

Reality is not what it seems to everyone in one’s egoism that wants to subjugate the world and rule over everyone by itself. On the contrary: it is necessary to overcome one’s own egoism, which exists in everyone, in order to unite with others as one and bend one’s evil inclination so that it becomes a good inclination.

The highest level, the hero of all heroes, is the one who overcomes his evil nature and turns it into good so that darkness will shine as light. Then we come to real victory when there is no evil left in the world. Both opposing forces were given to us by the Creator specifically to research their opposition together so that we could attain Him.

Everything comes from the Creator. He is the only source of everything. Therefore, there is no good and evil in the world; everything is in the force of the Creator, who is above everything. This is the kind of victory we need to achieve so that the angel of death turns into a holy angel, and all the forces that exist in the universe work only for connection and mutual completion.

It is necessary to defeat our evil inclination so that it bends down and begins to work as a good inclination, only for connection. This is our goal. Both good and evil come out of the Creator and come to us in the form of two lines so that we study them, work with them, and realize that we are only required to bow the egoistic intention before the intention of bestowal.

A hero is someone who overcomes his desire, and a superhero is someone who turns his egoistic desire into receiving for the sake of giving. This is the correction.

Therefore, the main thing in war is not to kill, destroy, ruin, burn, or subjugate, but to think about how to correct the evil inclination so that darkness shines as light. Without darkness there is no light; we exist only in the contrast of one against the other. We are not able to feel either darkness without light or light without darkness.

We exist only in the contrast of two opposites. And therefore, only by combining good and evil, darkness and light, can we feel ourselves and exist.

The Creator is constantly growing and inflating our egoistic desire, and we must reduce it and use it for the sake of bestowal. It is precisely because we have a desire to enjoy, the opposite of the light, that we can ignite the light and strengthen it.

The real victory in the war against the forces of egoism is to change the principle of their work, their function. And then, upon the difference of potentials between them, we will emphasize the light even more and reveal the Creator in all of reality. When we cancel the egoistic intention and continue to work with the power of reception for the sake of bestowal, the Creator grows and reveals himself to all creatures 620 times more than before in all our corrected kelim.

Therefore, the war does not end with the fact that evil is completely destroyed. It cannot be done. One can only bend evil, gradually begin to revive it, and use it for the sake of bestowal in the direction of good so that it works together with the power of light and reveals the Creator to us 620 times more.

The Creator has given everyone only one spark in the heart, and we ignite a great light inside our egoistic heart using egoism as fuel to ignite the power of the Creator’s force of bestowal and illuminate the world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/22, “Winning the War (Against the Evil Inclination)”

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