A Hero Is One Who Conquers Himself

507.03Question: Your teacher Rabash wrote that a hero among heroes is someone who transforms his hater into his lover, that a hero is the one who overcomes his evil inclination.

Looking at other people through my egoistic prism, I see them as low and base and myself as sublime. But if I make an effort to see them as elevated in my eyes, then I become a hero. Does being a hero mean to overcome your innate egoistic nature?

Answer: Yes. A hero is the one who conquers himself. In principle, we do not need anything other than this. If we overcome our egoistic nature, then to this extent we will simply enter the state of general goodness.

The fact is that nature created us as egoistic people who judge everything to the extent of our depravity. I always see negative properties in others. Therefore, I need to somehow understand that all these properties are inside me. This is the realization of evil.

Question: But if there were no other people, I would never have seen these negative properties in myself?

Answer: Yes, just like any animal.

Question: That is, I live from life cycle to life cycle, see negative properties in everyone, and complain about everyone. And then, at some stage, I suddenly begin to understand that this is all inside me?

Answer: But such an understanding is not easy to come to. Kabbalists revealed this and they wrote to us about it.

As we read their books, we begin to understand that they are telling the truth, but we do not see this. They revealed everything in their senses and described it in their writings, but we still do not feel it. Therefore, from what we read, we must gradually move to the realization that everything in nature is really created this way, and we perceive it in this way.

First we gain knowledge and then understanding and sensory attainment.

Question: How does this happen? What does inside me mean?

Answer: Everything that happens in the world happens in your perception. And you cannot say anything about what is outside. The world is depicted in us.

Question: Can you imagine how much evil happens in the world every second? Does a Kabbalist feel that this is all because of him?

Answer: Not only this. If you dig deeper, all this is me.

I cannot see anything except my “I,” my desire. Everything that happens in it is the world that I comprehend.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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