We Want To Know The Future

49.01The Book of Zohar, Chayei Sarah (The Life of Sarah), Item 87: When one observes the tweeting of fowl to know the future, why is it called “a serpent” and “witchcraft”? It is because it extends from that side of impurity, since the spirit of impurity is over that bird, which announces things in the world. And every spirit of impurity clings and comes to the world from the serpent, and there is none who is saved from him in the world, for he is in everything—until the time when the Creator is destined to remove him from the world, as it is written, “And death shall be swallowed up forever.”

Question: What do birds have to do with it? What harm did they do?

Answer: Birds are something that is higher than us, that is, a lighter desire. There are animals, fish, birds, plants, and so on. This means that our egoistic desire is stronger, heavier, coarser, and more subtle, light, graceful. Birds are the personification of less selfish desires.

Remark: But for some reason impurity comes from them.

Answer: Because people who are fortune tellers, in principle, already trust someone. Their egoism is not yet highly developed. Real strong egoists can trust someone only if they have a hopeless situation when very serious things are at stake.

They have done everything to ensure their success, and yet, they see that there is some element that they do not control. Then they go to fortune-tellers or shamans. It happens.

I have seen interesting examples of this in America. I have a friend who is a very wealthy man and owns huge motel estates in North Carolina. It so happened that drunkards and drug addicts started to visit these properties and committed tomfooleries.

Neither he, nor the police, nor the court could do anything. Then he turned to Indian shamans at the time I was passing through there visiting him. And what is interesting is he believed in it! I have seen all these primitive routines. People believe it will help.

Question: So did it help or not?

Answer: No, it did not help. In the end, he sold everything.

When does it help? When a man is sick and believes very much that what is recommended to him will help. The placebo effect. You take a sugar-pill believing that it is a medicine, and at the same time you include such inner forces that rejuvenate you and heal you. This is natural.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #4

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