When Will Peace Come Between Brothers?

200.01From Ivan Ivanov: “Michael Laitman, please comment on the state when peace will come between brothers.”

My Response: When they feel that they are brothers! And this state does not exist today because there is huge individual egoism between them.

Moreover, this egoism is not the same; one is because of one thing and the other is because of something else. And so they do not meet even in their egoism one against the other. Therefore, they are wrong.

That is, there is no real war. Hatred does not really manifest itself. In some way, here and there they brush against each other, but they can immediately remember that they are close.

Question: And what should happen to make them really feel like brothers?

Answer: These people—they must develop.

Question: To become human?

Answer: Yes. And then they will be able to realize what they are here for, who they are, and so on. They just want a quiet, peaceful life. I am not saying that it is wrong, unfair, or maybe low—no. But this suggests that they need to develop.

Question: And if I develop into a human, what will I want?

Answer: If you develop into human, then you will want human, higher relationships, and corrections that will vibrate like connections in hearts, in thoughts, in understanding, and in clear penetration into each other so that we can see through each other and understand where else we do not connect.

We do not have to be equal, but we have to complement each other properly. Through such penetration into each other to see where I can complement my neighbor and he can complement me in order to create an absolute sphere together in which we will reveal the Creator—perfection, perfection from two opposites that, in general, cannot connect.

Question: Is this the state of true brotherhood?

Answer: Yes. That is what we need to look for and not to run after each other with machine guns. In general, all the hatred—it will later be revealed what it was for.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/28/22

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